Remembrance Dedication Topper 2023

Downend WI members decided this year to create a topper for Remembrance Day. We have created a sub-group, who share the workload in making the base and the main focus, and then the members made the poppies and at our AGM meeting they also decided where they wanted to place their poppy, so we feel that our topper is totally teamwork. The feeling that one has in creating something like a topper gives us an inner glow, especially when our local community gets such pleasure from seeing the work. At the end of the day, our aim is to bring something to share with our community.  Our sub-group members are Vanessa Martin, Carol Davies, Kathy Paramore and Suzzie Belcher. The pattern for the Tommy Boots and Helmets came from a crafter who lives in Leicestershire, who anonymously goes by the name of Syston Knitting Banxy.  We asked for the pattern and it was shared freely so long as we credited her with the owner of the pattern.Last year’s felt poppies, have been recycled and made into a wreath which has been given to Christchurch Junior School for their Remembrance service.