November 14th  2021 Remembrance Sunday
Representing our members of Downend WI, our President, Julie Walker, and Vice President, Sue Jones, walked in the Staple Hill RBL Remembrance Sunday Parade, and laid a poppy wreath in Page Park Memorial, for all the family and friends of our members who have suffered in any of the wars and battles. 

We Will Remember Them 

The year 2020, it was decided that our Institute would lay a Remembrance wreath in Downend. 

But not just for those lost, or wounded or widowed from World War II and World War II.

1914-1918 The First World War

1917-1918 The Russian Civil War

1917–1922 The Irish War of Independence

19191921 The Irish Civil War

1922–1923 The Second World War 

19391945 The Korean War

1946 - 1991 The Cold War / Conflict

1950–1953 The Kenya Emergency 

1952–1960 The Suez Crisis

1956-1960 The Malayan Emergency

1948–1960 The Aden Emergency 

1963–1985 The Troubles

19681998 The Falklands War 

1982 The Gulf War, 1990–1991

The Bosnian War, 1992–1995

The Kosovo War, 1998–1999

The Global War on Terrorism

20012013 The War in Afghanistan

2001–2014The Iraq War and Insurgency, 20032011 

Our thoughts and prayers go to all who are suffered in the above battles listed, and especially the families who continue to suffer the loss of their loved ones. 

2022. The Covid Battle continues. Many lives have been lost, both medical staff and patients.

2021. Now not just the British, but all over the world a battle has broken out to conquer the Pandemic Corona-virus Covid-19. A new war, with very different soldiers, our doctors, nurses and scientists, working around the clock to attend and cure those who have caught this deadly virus.