Topper: Remembrance

This year, 2022 the members of Downend Women’s Institute decided that they wanted to be more a part of the memorial tribute for Remembrance Sunday, so instead of buying a wreath, the ladies decided to make and embroider felt poppies and leaves. The idea of making the topper for our local letterbox in Downend, was to bring the memorial tribute to our local community to share, they felt that as we all have relatives who have had to live through the horrors of wartime, both service and civilian, it was only right and proper that by bringing our memorial to share with everyone on their daily basis, it represents that we have compassion for all, and that it’s not a thing for show, but a tribute for our whole community, young and old. We created packs of felt, and all the haberdasheries that were required, along with the instructions, to make up the poppies and leaves, suitable for all levels of ability. Members purchased the packs, priced to cover expenses plus a little extra, then by deducting the expenses, we had gleaned an amount of £65 which we wanted to donate to the Staple Hill Royal British Legion. On Saturday the 5th of November, the wind and rain did not deter Linda Russ (Secretary) and Suzzie Belcher (Committee Member) who outed the topper onto the double letterbox outside of the Post Office in Downend. Ian Campbell from the Staple Hill Royal British Legion came to watch and was presented with the donation. The memorial will be removed on Saturday the 19th of November. 2022 November 14th 2021 Remembrance Sunday Representing our members of Downend WI, our President, Julie Walker, and Vice President, Sue Jones, walked in the Staple Hill RBL Remembrance Sunday Parade.

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